Industrial Work

Electrical Upgrades in Frederick, Maryland

Frederick Electric Company in Frederick, Maryland, offers industrial electrical services with electrical upgrades. We can handle new installation, as well as the maintenance on your system.

Industrial Work

Frederick Electric Company is responsible for new installations, maintenance, and electrical system upgrades for some of the Frederick area's manufacturing plants, distribution warehouses, bakeries, and automotive facilities.
Vehicle for industrial work — electric services in Frederick, MD
Work in these categories involve extreme care, precision, and knowledge of the client's needs as well as specific compliance to each individual industrial plant requirements.

Some industrial plant work requires explosion-proof materials, special permitting, off-duty work hours, and long days to complete maintenance tasks that must be completed before manufacturing begins.

Within the food industry, special knowledge of food-grade areas require very specific duties, from demolition, preparation, and installation to cleanup. Frederick Electric Company currently does all new work, maintenance, electrical upgrades, low-voltage, and special systems for manufacturing plants based in Frederick.

Some of These Tasks Include:

  • Chillers
  • Conveyors & Stackers
  • Treatment Plant Maintenance
  • Cameras
  • Motion Sensors & Airlines
  • PLC's, Control Panels, & Systems
  • Quality Assurance Special Devices
  • Critical Project Timelines
  • Service Relocations & Upgrades
  • Food Manufacturing Plant
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